Special Edition for ESOMAR CONGRESS 2017

Discover how to transform your market research
into an engaging social experience.

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  • People

    Real Consumers, Truly Engagement

    People that want to share their experiences and contribute with each other and with your brand.

  • Files

    Better Quality Data

    Get better and faster data in a single-one platform that combines research and social media.

  • Email

    Build Strong Relations

    Manage e-mail campaigns for your members, including relationship marketing and invitations.

  • Metrics

    Improve your Market Research

    When you have engaged members that participate with purpose, you get richer data.

Agile decision making

Having your customers, and potential buyers, in segmented engaged communities, eliminates the need for having to search for them each time you want to learn about them, or communicate with them, as usually happens in traditional market research projects.

We reduce significantly the time and costs spent on recruiting and re-contacting.


Learn with HBO at ESOMAR Congress 2017


Using eCGlobal´s Platform, HBO Market Research team has transformed their traditional online panel and surveys into an ongoing social media research platform.

Together, we will discuss at the ESOMAR Congress 2017 the main learnings along the way, as well as a road map for any researcher wanting to transform their online research into engaging user experiences, unlocking deep and actionable consumer insights.

Not attending the ESOMAR Congress 2017 in Amsterdam? Register below to watch our presentation on September 13th, via ESOMAR LIVE.

What our clients say about us

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    Laura Berga

    Programming Director at HBO Latin America

    “They excel in gathering and providing valuable consumers data and useful insights, while also developing a rich user experience to keep our panelists engage with the community and our brand.”

  • $bhg42ywwcf

    Karina Millaré

    Reds Research

    “We not only recommend the eCGlobal platforms, but we will also use them more and more in our studies. Thanks to eCGlobal team for all the support during the whole process and for giving us such a valuable experience!”


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    Deep segmentation using socio-demography data, interests and preferences.

  • Retention

    Create, launch and track your study results in real-time.

  • $vp6um4dv54

    The first social media platform created to connect brands and consumers.

  • Retention

    Like a quali-quanti platform, our community mixes market research and social media tools.